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Tripura Districts
Tripura Districts

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Tripura GK Questions and Current Affairs


Tripura was ruled by the Twipra Kingdom in several centuries. It was made India’s 27th State by area, the largest city of Tripura is Agartala. Tripura is also termed as  Kirat Desh etc. historical name of Tripura is Tippera district.

The history divide in different parts

  • Prehistorical period-Manikya dynasty 
  • Ancient period-7th century 
  • Historical period-14th century
  • Modern period-Mughal and the British empire

Below table will tell more about the GK of Tripura and Its history.

S.No Description Answer
1. Union Territory 1st November 1956
2. State Formation 21 January 1972
3. Largest city Agartala
4. Also Known as Tippera district
5. Ruled By Twipra Kingdom, British Rule
6. Major Historical Events The princely state of Tripura was merged with the Union of India in 1949. Tripura became a Union Territory on 1 July 1963 and attained the status of a full-fledged state on 21 January 1972.

The Kings of Tripura adopted the “manikya” title and shifted their capital to Udaipur (formerly Rangamati) on the banks of the River Gomti in South Tripura in the 14th century.

Geographical structure

Tripura covers an area of 10,491.65 km2(4,050.86 sq mi). Tripura has situated on 22 degrees 56 minutes north and 24 degrees 32 minutes north latitude and 91 degrees and 92 degrees 22 minutes east longitude. It shares the international border with Bangladesh. In Tripura state 5 hill range that rises to high altitudes.

Below table will tell more about the GK of Tripura and Its Geographical structure.

S.No Description Summary
1 Total Area 10,491.65 km²
2 Population 3,671,032
3 The rank of the state
  • Area rank:- 27th
  • Population Rank:-22nd
4 Population Density 350/km2 (910/sq mi)
5 State Bounded By Assam, Bangladesh, Mizoram (North, West, South)
5 Soil & Minerals Soil:
Reddish yellow-brown sandy soils
Red loam and sandy loam soils
Older alluvial soils
Younger alluvial soils
Lateritic soils
Glass sand
Gravel sand silt
Building stone
Noble metals
7 Major Crops
  • Potato, Sugarcane, Mesta, pulses
8 Forest Area 10,491 sq. km
9 Climate Tropical savanna climate or tropical wet and dry climate
10 Rivers
  • Longai River
  • Juri River
  • Deo River
  • Manu River
  • Dhalai River
  • Khowai River
  • Haroa River
  • Gumti River
  • Muhuri River
  • Fenni River
11 Major Dam
  • Gumti Hydro Dam
12 Major Flora
  • evergreen forests
  • Dipterocarpus
  • Artocarpus
  • Amoora
  • Elaeocarpus
  • Syzygium
  • Albizia
  • Barringtonia
  • Lagerstroemia
13 Major Fauna
  • Arctictis binturong
  • Cuon alpinus
  • Artherurus Assamensis
  • Muntiacus muntjak
  • Sus scrofa
  • Sipahijola
  • Gumti
  • Rowa
  • Arctictis binturong

National Parks

Below you can get the List of National Parks in Tripura. Name of National Parks, Year of Establishment and Total Area is as follows:

S. No. National College in Tripura Establishment year Total Area (Km2)
1 Clouded Leopard National Park 2007 5.08
2 Bison ( Rajbari) National Park 2007 31.63

Administrative Structure

Tripura is the 3rd smallest state of India by area and 8th smallest by Population. Tripura has a constant GDP (Gross Domestic Production) per capita among all Indian State. According to the Eleventh Finance Commission, Major tourist destination in Tripura is Udaipur. A large number of International and Domestic tourists visit Tripura for its historic temples such as the Tripura Sundari Devi Temple, the Bhubaneshwari Temple, as well as other attractions such as the Sepahijola Wildlife Sanctuary and the Tepania Eco-Park.

Below in this table, we have described all the essential Geographical Structure of Tripura you must know if you want to clear TPSC  or any state-level government exams.

S.No Description Summary
1. Capital Agartala
2. Administrative HQ Agartala
3. Chief Ministers Biplab Kumar Deb
4. Governor Ramesh Bais
6. State Animal Phayre’s leaf monkey
7. State Bird Green imperial pigeon
8. State Flower Nageshwar
9. State Tree Agar
10. No. of District 8
11. Loksabha Seats 2
12. Vidhan Parishad (Legislative Council) NA
13. Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) 60
15. Railway Stations
  • Agartala Railway Station
  • Ambasa Railway Station
  • Bil Railway Station
  • Bishalgar Railway Station
  • Bishramganj Railway Station
  • Dharmanagar Railway Station
  • Garjee Railway Station
  • Jirania Railway Station
  • Jogendranagar Railway Station
  • Kumarghat  Railway Station
  • Manu Railway Station
  • Pencharthal Railway Station
  • Sekerkote Railway Station
  • Teliamura Railway Station
  • Udaipur Railway Station
16. Official Language Bengali, English, Kokborok
17. Time Zone UTC+05:30 (IST)
18. Postal Code Different According Area
19. Vehicle Code TR
20. Judiciary Tripura High Court
21. Seal
seal of tripura


Religion Percentage
Hinduism 83.43%
Islam 8.60%
Christianity 4.35%
Buddhism 3.41%
Sikhism 0.02%
Jainism 0.02%
Other or no religion 0.2%


Language Percentage
Bengali 63.44%
Tripuri 25.88%
Chakma 2.29%
Hindi 2.12%
Mogh 0.97%
Odiya 0.71%
Manipuri 0.65%
Halam 0.63%
Bishnupriya 0.60%
Garo 0.57%
Ao 0.52%
Others 1.63%


Below you can get the List of Domestic Airport in Tripura. Name of Airports and Location is as follows:

S. No. Domestic Airport Name Location/City in Tripura
1 Agartala Airport Agartala, Tripura, India
2 Kailashahar Airport Kailashahar, Tripura, India
3 Kamalpur Airport Kamalpur, Tripura, India
4 Khowai Airport Khowai, Tripura, India

Arts & Culture

The folk culture of the tribal and non-tribal people of the state forms the backbone of Tripura’s cultural tradition. The ‘Garia’ dance celebrates on the New Year and worship of ‘Garia’, and ‘Dhamail’ dance of the non-tribals celebrate on familial occasions like a wedding ceremony in rural areas. Its celebration attracts a major number of Tourists.

S.No Description Summary
1 Folk Dance
  • Hojagiri Dance
  • Ua Bamboo dance
  • Hojagiri Dance
  • Huk kaimani Dance
  • Goria Dance
2 Music
  • Waying Khilimani
  • Garia Ruinani
  • Kuchung ha-Sikam
  • Hachwg Kamani
  • Chamaritunmani
  • Resekhagra
3 Major Festival
  • Durga Puja
  • Kharchi Puja
  • Pous-Sankranti Mela
  • Ganga Puja
  • Bizhu dance
4 Cuisine (Famous Food)
  • Chakhwi
  • Champrai
  • Gudok
  • Khalok
  • Mwkhwi
5 Traditional Dress Men

T-shirts, jeans, trousers, shirts, Rikutu Gamcha, Shirt is known as Kubai


They wear blue cotton fabric as well that looks like a petticoat or skirt, they wear beautiful jewellery on special occasions and festivals.


Temples Location
Tripura Sundari Temple Udaipur
Fourteen Goddess Temple Old Agartala
Bhuvaneswari Temple Udaipur
Benuban Vihar the northern part of the city of Agartala
Mahamuni Pagoda subdivision of South Tripura
Gopinath Temple Tripura
Hari temple Jagannath Dighi
Nager Dol Udaipur town
Jagannath Temple Agartala

The Economy of Tripura

Tripura GDP per capita income ₹ 1,13,102- and the average growth rate of Tripura is 8.74%. Tripura is one of the few states to achieve rural electrification by 100 per cent. Table Below contains some of the normal questions mostly asked in different Govt. and Private recruitment examinations of Tripura.

S.No Description Summary
1 State GDP ₹0.461 lakh crore (US$6.5 billion)
2 Growth rate 8.74% 
3 Per capita income ₹ 1,13,102
4 GDP per capita rank 22nd
5 Major Industries
  • Tea processing factories
  • Agartala Rubber Industry
  • Bamboo Industry
  • Cottage Industries
  • agriculture-based industries
6 Major Imports
  • Cement
  • Variety of fish
  • Broken/crushed stones
  • Food items/Soft drinks
  • Plastic
7 Major exports
  • Fruits, Electronics, Spices, Other Commodities


Per the 2011 census, the literacy rate of Tripura was 87.75 per cent, the fourth-highest in India (which had a national literacy rate of 74.04 per cent).

  Description Summary
1. Literacy Rate (2011) 87.22%
2. Male 91.53%
3. Female 82.73%
4. No. of School 4,455
5. Affiliation Board CISCE, CBSE, NIOS, TBSE
6. No. of University 3 (Private, State  and Central)
6. Colleges in Tripura 43 (Engineering, Medical, Law, Pharmacy)

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Heritage Sites in Tripura

S.No Description Summary
1 Major Tourist Places
  • Buddha Temple
  • Jampui Hill
  • Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Raima Valley
  • Kunjaban Palace

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2 Major Monuments
  • Ancient Remains, Baxanagar
  • Shyamsundar Ashram Tilla, Baikhora Jolaibari
  • Ancient Mound is known Puja Khola, Paschim Pillak
3 National Park
  • Clouded Leopard National Park
  • Rajbari National Park
4 Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary

Other states gk:

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